1. Bot configuration

  2. What if you've created your Ad correctly, but it still doesn't appear?

    1. Check your Ad placement

    2. Check your Ad permissions

  3. Can you use Instagram automation?

Before you start following the steps we suggest here, make sure you've read the other article in which we cover the Instagram Ads setup.

Also, make sure that you've built your chatbot using the Chatfuel Flow tab and set your Instagram Ads to Active.

If things are still not working, there might be a few main reasons why. Let's go through all of them.

Bot configuration

Please make sure you've followed the instructions while creating your Ad.

Click-to-Messenger (CTM) Ads

  1. Go to Ad Creation within Ads Manager.

  2. Select the Messages objective.

  3. In the Message Destination section, select Instagram Direct.

  4. Edit your Audience, Placements, Budget, and Schedule and click Next.

  5. Select your ad format and complete your ad setup.

  6. Under Message Template, choose to either Create New or Use Existing template.

  7. Click + Create to create your flow. Click Save and Finish when you've completed.

  8. Finish editing your ad. To publish, click Publish.

What if you've created your Ad correctly, but it still doesn't appear?

Check your Ad placement

In the Placements section, make sure that:

  • you only have one placement for the Ad

  • the image hasn't been cropped

Facebook Ads troubleshooting

Check your Ad permissions

Facebook is rather strict when it comes to permissions. So please check the ad permissions, in compliance with your page type. Here's how to check the permissions:

  • For a business account:

Facebook Ads Troubleshooting
  • For a non-business account:

Facebook Ads Troubleshooting

Can you use Instagram automation?

Check your eligibility.

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