Flow Builder offers native statistics for different elements of your flow. You can see how each card is performing, so you can optimize your Flow for the best results. You'll find four stats at the top of each card:

  • Sent: The number of times that message was sent to users.

  • Delivered: The percentage of times that message was successfully delivered to users.

  • Seen: The percentage of times that message was seen by users.

  • Clicked: The percentage of users who clicked a button(s) inside the card.

To get precise numbers (instead of percentages), hover over one of the stats and a tooltip with this information will appear.

Keep in mind:

  • Stats for shared flows will only be shown to the owner of the flow (when they're in editing mode in Chatfuel), not the people they share it with. Also, note that copying a flow does not copy its statistics; stats in the new flow will be blank until users interact with that bot.

  • Stats will only be shown for bots that have a Facebook page connected.

📌 Due to Facebook's December 16, 2020 policy changes in response to EU privacy laws, the Seen stat will always be blank for pages that are based in or have admin(s) based in affected European countries.

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