Transfer your bot to another account

  1. Log in to your Chatfuel Dashboard.

  2. Click on the Configure tab of the bot you want to transfer ownership of.

  3. Scroll down to the Team section and click on Invite a Teammate

  4. Select the Admin role.

  5. A link will be generated to be shared/opened with the account you want to transfer ownership to.

  6. Once there's another Admin added to the bot, the previous Admin can be removed from the Team section under the Configure tab roll the mouse over the previous bot owner and click on Change permissions.

  7. Then click on Remove Teammate.

Keep a backup of your bot

You can Copy your bot and keep it as a backup.

  1. Go to your Bots page.

  2. Click ••• next to your bot.

  3. Click Copy.

📌 Admins of the bot are NOT copied automatically

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