If you want to send a reengage message, you need to assign a Message Tag to it. These rules are set by Facebook. You can find Message Tags in Reengage tab.

There are two types of Message Tags in Chatfuel: promotional and non-promotional.

Promotional content

Standard Messaging — any type of message within the 24-hour standard messaging window.

One-Time Notification — request a user to send one follow-up message after 24-hour messaging window have ended.

Non-promotional content

Non-Promotional Subscription — send non-promotional messages. Only for verified News Pages.

Confirmed Event Update — send reminders or updates for an event they have registered for (e.g., RSVP'd, purchased tickets). This tag may be used for upcoming events and events in progress.

Post-Purchase Update — notify the user of an update on a recent purchase.

Account Update — notify about a non-recurring change to their application or account.

A detailed guide about Message Tags.

📌 Make sure to choose the correct Message Tag. Otherwise, Facebook might put restrictions on your ability to send messages.

Best Practices for Ban Prevention

Set the right expectations

  • Let your users know they’re talking to a chatbot;

  • Let your users know that you’re planning on sending future messages and give them the option to say no.

Don’t spam your users

  • Generate a message strategy beforehand;

  • Every message you send must have a defined purpose.

Always give your users the option to unsubscribe

This practice will help you curate your audience and It will keep frustrated users from blocking your page.

Segment your Audience

With the help of Chatfuel attributes, you can collect user data as they go through your Chatbot’s Flow.

Collect and analyze this data to segment your users for Reengage messages and sequences.

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