If you have already created an advertisement in Ads Manager, but your ad doesn't work, please follow this guide to make sure everything is configured correctly. In most cases checking these settings will solve your ad problem.

Check your admin access

First, check if you have the necessary access in place. For ads to work, you need two types of access. You must be a Facebook Business Account Admin and a Facebook Page Admin. Other roles like Editor or Advertiser are not enough.

Facebook Page:

  1. Go to your Pages and choose the Page on which you'll run advertisements.

  2. Select Settings in the left menu.

  3. Select Page roles in the left column.

  4. You should see Admin next to your name.

Facebook Business Suite:

  1. Go to Business Settings and choose your name from the list.

  2. You should see Admin access next to your name.

✔️ Checklist:

□ You see Admin access next to your name in Business Suite.

□ You see Admin next to your name on Page roles tab in Facebook Page Settings.

Check destinations

Next, check if your advertisement only has one destination in Messaging Apps section. You won't see any available ads in Chatfuel if your advertisement has two or more checkboxes ticked.

For Facebook ads only tick the Messenger checkbox.

For Instagram ads only tick Instagram Direct checkbox.

  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager.

  2. Click Edit under the title of your advertisement.

  3. Go to Ad Set tab.

  4. Tick or untick only one of the necessary checkboxes under Messaging Apps.

✔️ Checklist for Facebook ads:

□ You only have the Messenger checkbox ticked in Messaging Apps section.

✔️ Checklist for Instagram ads:

□ You only have Instagram Direct checkbox ticked in Messaging Apps section.

Check Message Template

Finally, make sure your Message Template is configured properly. The content of your Message Template should match the content in your ads Entry Point. The number of Quick Replies or Buttons should also be the same.

  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager.

  2. Click Edit under the title of your advertisement.

  3. Go to the Ad tab.

  4. Choose to Create New or Use Existing under Message Template.

  5. Go to Create Template window and find Customer Actions.

  6. Choose Quick Replies or Buttons from the drop-down menu.

  7. Add your content and click Save and Finish.

✔️ Checklist:

□ You have a Message Template.

□ You have Quick Replies or Buttons chosen in Customer Actions section.

□ Content in Message Template matches content in Chatfuel.

□ Number of Quick Replies or Buttons is the same in Message Template and Chatfuel.

Preview your ad

After you are done setting up your ad, you can use Preview mode to see how the advertisement is going to look from a client's perspective.

  1. Go to Facebook Ads Manager.

  2. Go to the Ads tab.

  3. Select your advertisement.

  4. Click Preview in the top menu.

You can preview different placements by using a drop-down menu or arrows in the top of the window. You can also share a link to your preview, to send it to your client for example. Read more details about how to preview your ad.

If your problem still isn't solved, check out our advanced guide on different problems with ads.

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