What are Blocks?

In Chatfuel, you can build your bot either in Flow Builder or with Blocks. A Block is a message your bot sends to a user. It can contain Text, Buttons, Quick Replies, images, plugins, etc. For example:

  • Block to welcome users with some text message;

  • Block with buttons to answer FAQs;

  • Block with a button to send users to your site.

To use Blocks go to Automation Blocks.

How to start using Blocks

Each bot already contains two pre-made Blocks. A Welcome Message and a Default Answer. A Welcome Message is the first Block your users will see when they start a conversation with your bot. Use it to greet your customers. A Default Answer is a Block your users will see when your bot does not recognize their message. Use it to let your customers know that your bot didn’t understand their message.

A good idea is to add buttons to give customers a way to continue conversation. Don’t forget to change the text in these Blocks.

To create a new Block:

  1. Go to Automation Blocks.

  2. Click + button to add a new Block.

  3. Add content to your Block.

After you created a Block, you can start adding content to it. Go to Add Element section and choose what type of content you want to add. Click More to see the full list of plugins. You can also use a template, if you don’t want to build from scratch. You will be redirected to Flow Builder since templates are only available there.

To build a conversation that has more than one Block, you need to connect them. Each Block has Inbound and Outbound links. You can see them under the name of the Block. Inbound links show a previous Block and Outbound links show the next Block. See the example below.

There are several ways to connect two or more Blocks. You can use Buttons, Quick Replies or Redirect to plugin. It works in a similar way with any of them. Add a Button or a Quick Reply, name it and choose a Block to connect. With Redirect to plugin, simply add it to your Block and choose a Block to connect it to.

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