Entry Points is how users start the conversation with your bot. There are several ways to do it: a direct message to your account, a comment under your post, a paid ad, a reply to your story and more. Without an Entry Point in place, your users won’t be able to enter your flow. Make sure to add and enable an Entry Point, when launching your bot.


There are currently 5 Instagram Entry Points in Chatfuel:

  1. Instagram Direct

  2. Story Mention

  3. Story Reply

  4. Comments Autoreply

  5. Instagram Ads

Some types of Entry Points only allow one instance to be active at the same time. Other types let you add multiple instances to be active at the same time.

Instagram Direct

Starts the conversation when a user DMs your Instagram Account. You can add up to 4 FAQ buttons and set up keywords to react to messages from first time and returning users. Universal Entry Point that’s useful in most situations.


Story Mention

Starts the conversation when a user mentions your Instagram Account in their story. Every mention will trigger your bot to send a DM to each user who mentioned you. Only one Story Mention Entry Point can be active at the same time.


Story Reply

Starts the conversation when a user replies to your Instagram story. Set up one response to all story replies or add keyword groups to react based on keywords in messages. You can also create two different responses for new and existing users.


Comments Autoreply

Starts the conversation when a user comments on your post. Create one Entry Point to cover all posts on your page or multiple Entry Points for specific posts. Choose to give only public or private reply or chose to give both. You can also add keyword groups to target specific words in comments and only reply to those.


Instagram Ads

Starts the conversation after a user clicks an ad. You can add one text block and up to 13 FAQ buttons to your ad. After you set it up, go to Ads Manager and create a Message template identical to the content in your Entry Point.

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