📌 Black Friday promo codes can be activated until November 30.

What are promo codes?

A promo code is a discount that gives you one-month access to a Business plan for free. You can choose a Business plan with up to 1,000 available conversation. After the first free month, you'll be billed regularly on the day you claimed your promo code.

Who can claim a promo code?

New users, who have never paid for a Business subscription and want to see all benefits of a Business subscription before buying it.

How to activate a promo code?

Enter a promo code in the text field on the Billing page.

What if I exceed the number of conversations in the plan?

There are no extra charges if you don't exceed the number of conversations included in your plan. But in case you go over the limit, you'll be charged an extra conversation fee.

Simply put, you'll pay for each extra conversation beyond the limit. For example, if your plan limit is 1,000 conversations and during your first free month you've had 1,089, you'll only have to pay for 89 conversations. Learn more about pricing and how we calculate extra conversations here.

Detailed promo codes rules

  1. Available for new users, who have never paid for a Business plan before.

  2. Works for the first-time payments.

  3. Can be applied once to one page. Can not be reapplied to multiple pages.

  4. If you choose to be billed every 6 or 12 months, the plan price is reduced by one month. Only works for the 1,000 conversations plan.

  5. Can be activated within 30 days after campaign begins.

  6. Can not be combined with other discounts or promo codes.

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