Stripe integration allows you to process payments in your Chatfuel bots. In other words, your customers can pay for your products inside a Messenger chat or Instagram DMs. This functionality is available for the Gallery plugin for Facebook and Instagram flows.

To connect Stripe payments to your flows:

  1. Go to Flows → Create a new flow or choose an existing one.

  2. Content BlocksGallery.

  3. Click + Add button and select Buy as your button type.

Next, you'll need to connect your Stripe account. Click on the Gallery card to open its settings.

While connecting your Stripe account, include a link to a pdf file with your Terms and policies. You can also use our general document instead. Click Connect Stripe account… when you're done and complete the necessary steps.

How to add products

Set up your product price and currency. Then add price components like a tax or shipping cost, if necessary. You can add as many price components as you need.

Under Request user data, choose what info you want your clients to leave: Name, Phone or Shipping address.

You can add up to 10 product items to one Gallery block. Set up the Buy button for each item. Keep in mind, that you can only add one Buy button to one card.

This is how a Gallery with Stripe integration looks for your users.

If the payment is successful your clients will get an order confirmation (only available for Facebook Messenger). And you'll get a payment record in your Stripe dashboard.

Stripe dashboard and testing a flow

You can access all the data provided by a client in the Payments tab in your Stripe dashboard.

You can also test a flow containing Buy button using a test card number 4242 4242 4242 4242 with any expiration date and CVC. Make sure you turn on a Test mode in your Stripe dashboard.

Important notes

  • Your users can only add one item to their cart.

  • You need to have admin permissions in both Chatfuel and Stripe to complete the connection.

  • One Stripe account can be connected to one bot.

  • You can change Stripe-associated data or disconnect your account any time at Configure → Payments.

  • Your users can't edit card information or shipping address they've added. But, they can delete it and add new info.

  • Payments made via Chatfuel bot are PCI Compliant. It supports 3D Secure 1 authentication.

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