Referral program allows you to get free months on a Business plan.

Who can participate the referral program?

All Chatfuel active users.

How to join the referral program?

To join the referral program:

  1. Open the '2+1 months for you and friend' tab in the Chatfuel dashboard.

  2. Fill out the participation form: your name, email, industry, and company.

  3. Click the Participate button to submit your application.

How do I get my referral promo code?

We’ll email you your promo code within 24 hours after you fill in the participation form.

How much do I save with a referral promo code?

You get 2 months on a Business plan with up to 500 conversations per month for FREE, and save $30.

What if I exceed my plan limit of 500 conversations?

If you exceed your plan limit, we will charge an extra fee. The total of extra fee is based on the amount for each extra conversation. Learn more about plans, subscriber tiers, estimated and extra fees here.

Does someone who applies my referral promo code get a bonus?

Yes. They get 1 month on a Business plan with up to 1000 conversations for FREE.

How to activate my referral promo code?

Share a promo code with others and motivate them to apply it and make their first payment — that's how you get your 2 FREE months on the Business plan with up to 500 conversations per month.

Make sure you share your promo code with as many people as possible, and guide them to visit a referral your link to increase your chances.

Send a message or a post, for example 'It's your promo code for a FREE month on the Chatfuel Business plan. Follow the link to get the deal: your link.

Does my discount sum if more people apply my referral promo code?

Yes. The discounts apply to your following months of using Chatfuel.

When does the FREE period of a Business subscription start?

For current users, who participates Chatfuel referral program it starts once someone applies your referral promo code at their first payment.

For a new Chatfuel user you invited, the FREE period starts once they activate your referral promo code.

Can I use my referral promo code to get Premium plan free?

No. The Chatfuel referral program works for a Business plan only.

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