Almost all text messages that people send to your bot are going through the bot’s AI. By setting up AI rules you’ll make your bot understand user phrases similar to those you write and reply with some text or a block. A rule is a collection of phrases and a particular response to the text messages containing described expressions. 

One of the most common rules is the one containing all greetings like “hi” and “hello”. You might want your bot to answer in the same fashion to the user or check some attributes and give an answer depending on previous actions. 

Any other type of smalltalk will definitely make your bot seem livelier. 

Second useful thing you can do with the AI is to make it understand typical questions like “What do you have on your lunch menu?” and answer by sending users the blocks of your bot immediately without them having to manoeuvre to it using the buttons first.

And the third important case is when people send messages to the bot to make it stop writing them (which means they probably would like to unsubscribe from all follow-up and broadcasting messages).

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