Adding AI rules

To make the AI recognise certain phrases and reply with a relevant answer go to the Set Up AI tab in the dashboard. If you used a template to create your bot, it is likely that a few example rules already exist.

You can set up new rules by clicking on the Add AI Rule button.

Next, you will need to enter phrases which should trigger a specific response from the bot. These do not need to match the user’s message exactly. E.g. if you enter “show lunch menu” the AI will also trigger that rule if the user asks “Can you show me your lunch menu?”. This comes in very handy because you definitely don’t want to enter every single possibility of a sentence there is.

Please note: The more different phrases you enter here the better your bot will be able to figure out similar meanings in other phrases. It is generally a good practice to enter about 5-10 phrases per rule to get the best matching possible.

After defining the trigger you need to give the AI a block to go to when it recognizes a certain phrase, this you can do on the right side of the rule block. It will suggest a few existing blocks when you click the text field, but you can also enter the block name yourself.

Using AI to respond to Stickers

You can now send as many different emojis as you like, as simple as entering them in the AI Setup section on your Dashboard.

Your bot will also be able to reply to the big blue thumbs up 👍

You can also copy emojis from Emojipedia.

And voila! We have just taught our bot bot to respond to stickers. 💪

Creating AI Groups

To make your bot's AI more structured and systematic, you can create separate groups of AI rules by clicking the Add Group button. This way it will be easier for you to navigate your bot's AI as you can set up AI rules for each separate block group of your bot.

Clone AI Groups between bots

Hover over the group name and click on ‘…’ to open the context menu:

After doing this you should be all set! Try it out and see if your bot got smarter. 

If you set your AI rules up, and your bot is still not responding, the first thing you should check is whether you're only using single words instead of entire phrases. It's easy for the bot to not understand a specific phrase if you only defined a keyword the user typed within a longer sentence.

What does that mean?
If you need the bot to respond to questions about pricing, you shouldn't just create a rule with the keyword "pricing" in your AI rule. Instead, you should go for a number of phrases like: "I need more information on your pricing", "where can I see your pricelist", "What's your pricing?"... 

If you set this up, and you still have any issues with your bot's AI rules, report this to the support team and we'll take a closer look -
Make sure to include screenshots of your setup, as well as screenshots of a conversation where you noticed the error.

Enhancing Your AI

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