Track your bot's performance to see how effective your bot is. Let's look at some simple metrics that will help you set specific goals for your chatbot. Track your bot's performance using Analyze tab.

A successful bot experience:

  • helps users address their needs;

  • makes users want to return;

  • gains a large user base.

Total Users

The simplest and most direct measure of your bot’s performance. This metric shows how many people have interacted with the bot. In general, the more users the better

Popular blocks

See what blocks are doing better than others. This helps you determine what content users are most interested in. You can also see how far your users are getting through the bot flow.

User Activity

This metric helps identify the types of content/experiences that result in your audience returning to and interacting with your bot. Offer similar useful content to keep users coming back.

Active Users — Anybody who interacted with your bot.

User Reengage Read — Users who read at least one reengage message.

User Input Received — Users who provided any input to the bot (typed a text message or tapped a quick reply).

Daily New and Blocked Users

This shows how many users started interacting with your bot for the first time. You can also see how many users blocked your bot. Keep in mind that users who deleted the bot will also be shown as blocked.

Other metrics

There are other types of useful metrics. Go to Analyze tab to learn more about them.

Taking a close look at your bot’s performance will help you deliver a better experience to your users.

Retain your existing audience and gain new followers. We encourage you to pay close attention to your performance metrics and statistics and keep adjusting your bot flow and functionalities accordingly.

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