What is Live Chat?

Live Chat is a feature that lets you hand over a conversation from a bot to human. It is useful when:

  • your chatbot can't answer a user's question;

  • doesn't understand what the user is saying;

  • the user simply wants to talk to a human to solve their problem.

There are two things in Chatfuel referred to as Live Chat. A plugin that you add to your Flow to pause the bot and a dedicated tab in the sidebar. A plugin is put somewhere within your Flow to pause the bot, so users can start a conversation with a human. A dedicated tab is where you or bot's administrators can manage conversations with users.

📌 Due to updated privacy laws in Europe and Japan, certain Live Chat functionalities won't work for EEA-based pages, pages with EEA-based admins, or EEA-based users. For example, the typing animation won't be displayed. Learn more about Facebook's latest policy updates for EEA countries.

Live Chat plugin

The plugin is what you add to your Flow. It will automatically pause the bot while the human takes over the conversation. While a Live Chat session is in progress, your Messenger chatbot will not respond to any keyword rules or trigger the Default Answer block.

Below is an example of a simple Flow with Live Chat plugin.

Live Chat tab

The Live Chat tab is the the place where bot admins can manage conversations manually without leaving Chatfuel.

Only an Operator is able to access the Live Chat tab. If you want to allow some of your teammates to handle conversations with Live Chat users, but don't want them to be able to access the rest of the bot’s settings or the connected Facebook page, add that person as an Operator.

Operators have conversations with people in the Live Chat tab. They don't have any access to other bot settings or Facebook Page settings. If you want one of your team members to only respond to messages, assign them this role.

To pause the bot and open a conversation with a particular bot user, you need to either:

  • find the user in the Inbox, Done, or All Conversations folder in the Live Chat tab, and send them a message;

  • find the user in Chatfuel's People Tab, click on the Messenger icon, and send them a message.

Live Chat settings

You can access Live Chat settings in two ways:

  • click on Live Chat plugin card in your Flow.

  • go to Live Chat tab Settings.

Manage notifications

Choose who gets notified about new messages in Live Chat tab. Set up which teammates receive notifications and which ones don't.

Live Chat messages

We recommend that you set up default messages for when Live Chat starts and stops. These messages will help your users understand what's going on and who they are talking to, a bot or a human. You can also set up pause time, stop chat button name and default messages for other user actions.

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