The Redirect To Block plugin is a powerful feature that helps you create a more flexible and complex bot experience. It’s especially useful if you’re aiming to cater to a diverse audience, as it can help segment users and then build separate flows for every group, which makes user experience a lot more personalized.

Overall, Redirect to Block routes users between specific or random blocks based on User Attributes, which in this case serve as content filters.

Let’s say you have a user attribute {{likes coffee}} saved from the following question: 

In the Redirect to Block Plugin example below the answer No is a value assigned to the user attribute {{likes coffee}}. In the Redirect To Block plugin that is put after the question, it will then redirect the user to the specific block you’ve typed into the field below. Please note that you have to redirect the user to an already existing block.

If there is no need to redirect the user to a specific block, you can toggle the Random switch which will allow you to add multiple blocks instead of just one. In this case the user will be redirected to any block on the list randomly.

Other useful tips:

  • You can have the plugin check for multiple values in a user attribute by separating them using commas.

  • You can use the Redirect To Block Plugin without any filters, which helps avoiding dead ends in your bot’s conversation

  • The Redirect To Block Plugin is an essential feature if you want to create a quiz bot. Check out Quiz template by Livebotter™ on the Chatfuel Dashboard to get some ideas!

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