Social Media

To increase the visibility and engagement of the post promoting the chatbot, it helps to pin it to the top of your feed. It also helps to include a video screencast of the bot flow, which will offer potential users the ability to see what your bot does to draw their attention. 

In addition to regular posts, reaching your existing social media subscribers organically, try using paid social media posts to reach new subscribers from wider target audiences.

Existing Communication Channels

Leverage your existing communication channels to spread the word about your chatbot.

  • In-article promotion on the website:

  •  Part of an e-mail broadcast to subscribers:

Custom Chatbot Landing Page

A chat bot landing page can be used to explain to your audience what your chatbot does and how it is different from your website. Here’s a good example of such page:

Public Figures

Employ an influencer, or a public figure to try your bot and share their thoughts on it through social media. Influencer marketing goes a long way when trying to promote your chatbot.

Submit to BotList

Submitting your bot to the BotList online directory has a potential to increase visibility and discoverability of your bot.  

BotList allows you to list your bot under the appropriate category and add a description and screenshots.  All of this helps potential users find your bot if they are looking for something specific.  BotList is one of the most popular aggregator directories for all bots across different platforms.

Make sure to also check out the other articles in the Grow section to read about even more tips and tricks on how to promote your chat bot.

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