You can add teammates to help manage and build your Messenger chatbot. You'll be able to give each one certain permission based on what you want them to be able to see and do in Chatfuel.

Here's a full list of the different user roles available in Chatfuel:

  • Admin: Can make changes to any aspect of the bot and can manage other user roles

  • Editor: Can make changes to the content of the bot

  • Marketer: Can send reengage messages to user segments and can send personal messages to individual users

  • Operator: Can send personal messages to individual users and see reachable users

  • Viewer: Can view the content of the bot

Inviting a user to your team in Chatfuel

To invite someone to be part of your team, you must be an admin of the bot you're inviting them to. Head to the Configure tab in your Chatfuel dashboard. Navigate to the Team section and click Invite a Teammate. Select the role you want this teammate to have.

Then, Chatfuel will automatically generate a link that you can share with that person. They'll need to sign up via the link to get started.

Changing and removing teammate permissions

Admins of a bot can also edit the roles of existing teammates. Simply click the user's name in the same Team section, click Change Permissions, and select a new role for them. If you want to remove their access to the bot altogether, click Remove Teammate.

📌 Note: If you remove or change the permissions level of the user who connected your bot to your Facebook page, your bot will become disconnected. An admin will need to reconnect your bot to your Facebook page.

FAQs about user permissions

1. Who can clone the chatbot?

Only the bot’s Admin and Editor have the permissions to do this.

2. What can Live Chat operators see?

A Live Chat operator can only access the Live Chat tab and the People tab.

3. How long is an invite link valid?

The invite link doesn’t expire, it can be used at any time after being created.

4. How many people can use the same invite link?

Only one person can be added to the bot per invite link. If you need to invite multiple people, you'll need to generate multiple invite links (even if they'll all have the same permissions level).

5. What should I do if a user can’t access the bot after I sent the invite?

First, make sure that they accepted the invite you sent over. You’ll be able to confirm that by checking the team member list in the Team section of the Configure tab. If you can see them there, that means they accepted the invite, and they just need to log in to Chatfuel.

They can start by clearing out their browser cache and then trying to log in again. If that doesn’t work, they can report this issue to our support team by sending a screenshot of the error to

If you don't see them in the Team section, that means they haven't yet accepted the invite.

6. How many teammates I can add?

Right now, there's no limit for the number of teammates you can add to your bot.

Inviting bot admins to Facebook Business Manager via Chatfuel

You can also invite teammates to become admins of your Facebook Business Manager account when you invite them to become an admin of your bot. You can generate a single invitation link that will grant them permission to both.

What is a Business Manager?

Business Manager is the one, central hub where you can manage your Facebook ad accounts, your Facebook pages, and the people who work on them. It's especially useful in helping you stay organized if you and your team manage multiple pages and ad accounts (like marketing agencies do).

You can sign up for a Facebook Business Manager account for free.

Why would you need to give bot admins access to Facebook Business Manager?

  1. For connecting/disconnecting pages: If you want a bot admin to be able to connect and disconnect Facebook pages to a bot in Chatfuel, they'll need access to the Business Manager account where those pages live. Grant them access to the entire Business Manager account this way, instead of manually adding them to each page one by one. (It's ideal for agencies that manage multiple bots and pages.)

  2. For simplifying the permissions process: It simplifies the process of granting permissions when someone joins your team. Instead of granting permissions to Chatfuel and Business Manager separately, you can save time and accomplish both goals by sending one invite link.

  3. For monitoring ads: If a teammate has access to Business Manager, that means they also have access to your Ads Manager account. This allows them to see stats for Facebook ads that are connected to your Messenger bot.

How to invite a teammate to Chatfuel and Business Manager

  1. Log in to Chatfuel and enter the bot you want to grant your teammate access to. Then, make sure:

  • that the page this chatbot is connected to is also connected to your Business Manager account

  • that you have admin permissions for your Business Manager account, or you won't be able to add new teammates to it. You can check your permissions status here.

2. Go to the Configure tab and find the Team section. Click Invite a Teammate.

3. In the window that appears, check the box that says Also invite this user to Business Manager as an admin. If you want to invite this user to have employee-level permissions in Business Manager instead of admin-level permissions, click the black drop-down arrow to change this selection. (Read more about the difference between admin and employee permissions in Business Manager.)

4. Then, click on the Admin role below to generate a link that you can send to your teammate. When they accept the invitation via the link, they'll be granted admin rights to the chatbot. They'll also automatically receive an email inviting them to your Business Manager account too, for the permissions level you suggested.

💡 Note: Only users you choose to make bot admins can also be invited to Business Manager. In other words, once the box for the Business Manager invite is checked, you'll only be able to select the Admin role from the list below.

How to remove a teammate from your Business Manager account

To remove a teammate's Employee or Admin permissions from your Business Manager account in Business Manager settings, under Users > People. Simply select the teammate's name and click Remove.

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