You can add team mates to help you manage your bot. They can have different roles, depending on what you want them to see. Here's a full list:

  • Admin: Can change every aspect of the bot and manage user roles
  • Editor: Can change the content of the bot
  • Marketer: Can send broadcasts and personal messages
  • Operator: Can send personal messages and see reachable users
  • Viewer: Can view the content of the bot

To invite someone to be part of your team, you need to head to the Configure tab of the dashboard and click Invite a Teammate in the Team section. The dashboard will then generate a link to share with your fellow future teammate to join your bot, which they need to accept within 24h hours after the generation.

You can also edit the role of your team mates (if you have admin rights into the bot), clicking in “Change Permissions” and choosing what role they need in your bot.  

Keep in mind that - if you change the permission level of the person who connected the bot to the page (or delete them from the teammates list), the bot will become disconnected from the page and will require to be reconnected.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who can clone the bot?
Only the bot’s Admin and Editor have the permissions to do this.

2. What can the Live Chat Operator see?
A Live Chat operator can only access the Live Chat tab in your dashboard, as well as the People tab if you’re on the Pro plan.

3. For how long is an invite link valid?
The invite link doesn’t expire, it can be used at any time after being created

4. How many people can use the same invite link?
Only one person can be added to the bot using one invite link.

5. What to do if a person can’t log into the bot after I sent the invite?
First of all make sure that they accepted the invite you sent over. You’ll be able to confirm that by checking the team member list in your Configure tab. If you can see them there, that means they accepted the invite, and they just need to log in properly. They can start by clearing out their browser cache and then trying to log in again. If that doesn’t work, they can report this to the support team by sending a screenshot of the error to

If you can’t see them in the team members section, that means they didn’t accept the invite, and they need to do that first.

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