If you’re looking to grow your audience, you should take advantage of the comments people leave on your Facebook page or ads. You can use the Acquire Users from Comments feature to have your bot send a private message to users as soon as they comment.

You can find the Acquire Users from Comments feature in the Grow tab of the Chatfuel dashboard.

Please make sure that your bot is connected to a Facebook page before using this feature.

Clicking the Add Rule button will take you to rule setup window. You can set up the bot to respond to comments left under all of your page posts or just a specific one. (Tip: It’s best practice to have the respond to specific posts (not all posts) to avoid spamming unexpecting users.) If you want to automatically reply to comments under a specific post, you’ll need to enter the direct link to this post. You can find the direct link by clicking on the timestamp of the post you would like to use. 

Similarly, your bot can reply to all comments or only those that contain specific phrases. You cannot predict what the user’s comment will be exactly, but the phrases you enter will help your bot better understand your goal and react accordingly.

Please note that only the top-level comments trigger the response. Top-level comments are the comments that reply to the post directly.

Remember to make the bot’s reply as engaging as possible because the user will become reachable (meaning you can contact them again in the future) only after they have responded to your bot. (Tip: We suggest asking users a question or prompting them to type in a keyword — which you should create in the Set Up AI tab — so they will become reachable.)

Video Posts

Videos can be a bit tricky sometimes. Facebook provides an ID when you create the video, but as soon as there is one comment in this post, they change the Post ID and we aren't able to respond to these comments. In order to resolve this issue, you need to follow these steps to create rules for Video Posts:

1. Open the Video in your Facebook Page;
2. Post any comments to this video post;
3. Copy the URL to your comment as in the example below:

4. The URL should look like this: https://www.facebook.com/chatfuel/posts/1082015535276464/?comment_id=1364814226996592
5. Remove the ?comment_id=1364814226996592 part, and use the https://www.facebook.com/chatfuel/posts/1082015535276464/ part in your Rule.
6. Done! You've got the correct Post ID, now you can delete the comment from your Video to keep it clean.

Additional notes:

  • The Acquire Users from Comments feature will only trigger one private message per user. If someone comments three times on your post, they will only get one message - even if you delete their comment and they comment again.
  • Chatfuel can only respond to comments made on the original post. Your bot cannot respond to comments made on shared versions of the post. 
  • Due to limitations with Facebook’s API, the Acquire Users from Comments feature only supports plain text for the initial message users receive after commenting on a post. If you want to send rich content (such as images, buttons, etc.), you need to set up an AI rule that redirects to a block and prompt users to type in the keyword. 
  • When testing the comment acquisition feature on a post, make sure you are commenting from your personal profile — not your business page (which is set by default). If you comment as a business page, you won’t receive a message from the bot because business pages can’t message other business pages. 
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