If you want to gather some information saved as user attributes and have it sent to you automatically, the best way to do so is set up a combination of Save User Input and Notify Admin via Email plugins in your bot.

Let’s say we’re building a bot for a vacation rental in Amsterdam and would like to get some feedback on the user’s stay.

Setting up the Save User Input plugin

In the Save User Input plugin we’ll need to ask the user some questions and save the responses to separate user attributes. In our example, the first question asks for a general review of the stay, while the other two are a bit more specific, and their respective user attributes are described accordingly.

Setting up the Notify Admin via Email plugin

Right below the Save User input plugin you can then add a Notify Admin via Email plugin, which allows us to take the data collected using the Save User Input plugin and send it directly to one or more specified email address(es). You will need to enter the title of the email you will be getting, the email address the email should get send to, and format the email's body which is where you need to put the user attributes you have got from the Save User Input plugin.

Note that you, of course, can also use any other attributes available in your bot like the user’s Facebook name, as shown in the title below.

After the user completes the feedback survey, the Notify Admin via Email plugin will trigger automatically and you will get an email containing the information user provided.

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