Sequences are one or multiple triggered messages your chatbot can send to a specific user after they complete a certain action. This is useful for when you need to check up on users later, remind them about something or keep them interacting with your bot for longer.

Why use Sequences

Extend the 24-hour window

If you subscribe a user to a sequence and send a message every 23 hours you can reopen the 24-hour window indefinitely. But be careful not to spam your users.

For example, you can give away some kind of bonus that can be claimed every day. Set up a Sequence to be sent out every 23 hours and keep the 24-hour window open.

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Get users to finish something

If a user didn't complete your chatbot lead form, survey, product recommendation flow, or some other task, you can send one of these messages to remind them. You can also send a series of messages to 'onboard' users.

For example, set up a Sequence with five questions to qualify new leads for your services. If the user gets distracted after question three and leaves, a sequence of messages can later invite them to come back and finish.

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Create journeys

Use Sequences to send messages in a timeframe, as opposed to scheduled messages to all users. This way users can go on a journey through your bot in a span of days.

For example, send users 30 days of fitness exercises, one per day, starting from a light one and build up to more heavy exercises.

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Creating a Sequence

  1. Go to Blocks tab and click Add Sequence or Group.

  2. Fill your Blocks with content.

  3. Choose when to send them to users.

📌 You can see the statistics for this sequence next to its name.

Send a Sequence to users

To start sending a sequence to users you need to subscribe them to it. When you subscribe a user to a sequence the countdown starts from the first message.

Subscribe users using Blocks tab:

  1. Go to Blocks tab.

  2. Add Subscribe to Sequence plugin.

  3. Choose a Sequence you want to send.

Subscribe users using Reengage tab:

  1. Go to Reengage tab.

  2. Click ➕ under any automation option to create a new message.

  3. Go to Add ElementMore and add Subscribe to Sequence.

  4. Choose a Sequence you want to send.

📌 You can also subscribe users to sequence manually in the People tab. Choose the users from the list, click on Sequence → Subscribe to sequence.

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