Sometimes you want the Default answer block to only send a message once instead of sending a reply to every message of the user. Thanks to the Set User Attribute and Redirect to block plugin this is possible to set up in just a few minutes.
You can then also add an integration with a Sequence to enable the Default answer again after a certain time has passed.

Sending the default answer only once

  1. Go to Automation > Blocks on the left panel.

  2. Create a new block but leave it empty. This block will be triggered when the user already received the default answer and by leaving it empty we cause the bot to stop processing the user's message without sending a response.

  3. Go to the Default answer block, create a Redirect to block plugin, and below it a Set User Attribute plugin.

  4. In the Set User Attribute plugin create a new attribute. Let's call it {{default answer triggered}} and set the value to yes or similar.

  5. In the Redirect to block Plugin check if the value equal to what the Set User Attribute plugin assigns to the attribute and link the plugin to the empty block.

  6. Make sure the order of the plugins is correct. The order should always be Redirect To Block, Set User Attribute, and then the content of your Default Answer message.

When a user now triggers the default answer for the first time the Redirect To Block Plugin will not execute as the value of the attribute is still empty. It will then proceed to set the attribute using the Set User Attribute plugin and show all the cards with the content below. If the user then triggers the Default answer block a second time the value of the attribute will match the value in the Redirect To Block plugin and the user will be routed to an empty block, stopping the processing without triggering the other cards in the Default Answer block.

Sending the default answer once per day

  1. First, follow the guide above to set up the Default answer to send only once.

  2. Create a new sequence and set it to send "after 1 day". The content of the sequence should be another Set user attribute plugin that sets the attribute you've created in the first guide to NOT SET.

  3. Set up an additional Subscribe to Sequence plugin after the Redirect To Block plugin in the Default answer block and link it to the newly created sequence.

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