If you’re looking for ways to expand your audience, an easy and efficient way is to turn to comments on your Facebook page or a page ad. You can set up the Acquire users from comments feature to have your bot send a private message as soon as they comment.

You can find the Acquire users from comments feature on the Grow tab of the Chatfuel dashboard.

Please make sure that your bot is connected to your Facebook page before you try to work with this feature.

Clicking the Add Rule button will take you to rule setup window. You can track comments either under any of your page posts or a specific one. If you want to track comments under a specific post, you’ll need to enter the direct link to this post. To get the direct link you need to click on the timestamp of the post you would like to use. 

As for reacting to comments, your bot can reply to either all comments or to those that contain specified phrases. You cannot possibly predict what the user’s comment will be exactly, but the phrases you enter will help your bot get an idea of what you are looking for and react accordingly.

Please note that only the top-level comments trigger the response. Top-level comments are the comments that reply to the post directly.

Remember to make the bot’s reply as engaging as possible, as the user will become reachable only after they interact with your bot.

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