People tab gives bot admins an overhead view of their subscriber list, allows them to create user segments, and also enables editing of individual users’ attributes. Most importantly, People tab helps you boost sales by generating CSV files of your subscribers, which can be used with Facebook’s “lookalike audiences” to reach new customers who behave similarly to your existing segments in Messenger.

At the very top of People tab you can see several pre-defined segments like:

  • Reachable users Users to whom you can send broadcasts
  • Returned Users who have interacted with your bot more than once
  • Non-Organic — Users who entered the bot via Facebook ads, a reply to an Acquire from Comments post, or any other non-organic source the bot can track

You can also create your own segments by defining the qualifying user attributes to be part of the segment and pressing the Save to Segment button. These segments will be available to all admins of your bot and automatically update to include new users who fit the filter you set.

Now it’s possible to broadcast to your segment, subscribe them to a sequence, or export their Messenger IDs for use in a highly-targeted Facebook ad.

Key-features of People tab include: 

  • Exporting user data and to create a custom lookalike audience in the Facebook Ads Manager
  • Adding, editing, and/or deleting attributes for individual bot users. If you want to change any of their attributes, simply click on a user’s name and perform the desired action in the pop-up window.
  • Subscribing and unsubscribing users to/from sequences, without them having to perform specific actions in the bot. Just apply the desired filters, then click the Sequence button on the right.

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