Subscriber Plugin

This powerful plugin allows you to subscribe user to an RSS feed or a Bing/Google search result without showing actually showing the feeds first.

For example, you can subscribe a user by a simple button click as shown in the image below:

This plugin will only work for Google/Bing search plugins with defined queries. If you define a query with the User Input plugin and you link the Subscriber plugin to the block with this search plugin it will not work for example, as it does not know which query to subscribe to.

Subscriptions List Plugin

This plugin shows a gallery of all feeds a user is subscribed to. It allows to get the latest stories and to unsubscribe from each subscription.

If you for example have RSS Input plugin with a newsfeed from your website and a Google Search plugin, that works with User Input as a search on your website and your user subscribed to both, this is what it could look like:

Best practice is to make it easy for your users to get to this plugin. After all, it’s in your interest to make it easily accessible for your users, so that your bot’s block rate stays at a healthy minimum.

Because it’s possible that a user accesses the Subscription List plugin without actually having any subscriptions you need to link another block which will be shown instead:

Digest Plugin

If you have a lot of information on your website and your bot users use a lot of subscriptions this is the ideal plugin for you. The Digest plugin accumulates all new content from a user’s personalised subscriptions which was not displayed yet.

Best practice is to trigger Digest using Scheduled Events or Recurrent Events in the broadcasting tab.

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